About the Wildart Wanderer

Welcome fellow dreamers and travellers,

I am happy that you have taken the time to look me up. Come on in and share a few stories.

I took the leap. Australia is behind me and the future is ahead, wherever it takes me. My backpack is carefully loaded with sixteen kilos of everything I think need and so far I’ve been kicking around Europe for two years .

I have my tent, sleeping bag, and a half-sized inflatable mat that tends to deflate in the night. I carry my sketchbook, camera and my Macbook along with a change of clothes and my toothbrush. I love camping in wild places, visiting friends far and wide, I dabble in Couchsurfing and occasionally get invited to house-sit a garden and a dog or two.

I’m doing my best to live lightly and I’m convinced that climate change is going to wipe us out before we’re ready for it. My best survival tips are to live as though there is no tomorrow… with consciousness. Consume little. Laugh a lot. Love with generosity and know that change is inevitable.

I’ve learnt a lot from good people along my way.

2 thoughts on “About the Wildart Wanderer

  1. Hello Jennie, this is a voice from the past. I visited the Snowy River hut with Roger Woodburn, originally from Wulgulmerang. We were there over Easter weekend 1982, and the group of visitors conducted our very own Snowy River passion play. I looked for Paul Buchlak today online, and your mention of him on wordpress is one of the very few hits. I realize that you are no longer together but I am curious where he and Roger ended up. I can send you photos of our play down by the river if you remember this event and are interested. regards, Peter Stewart (Canadian geologist, that weekend I was the Foreign Photojournalist).


    1. I’d love to see your photos, Peter, especially as you were the foreign photojournalist! I haven’t heard anything of Roger for a long time and Paul disappeared, as you discovered.


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