Where to sleep at a pinch

There’s those moments when the hostels are full and sleeping rough ticks the boxes, both for the sense of adventure and keeping the cash out of someone else’s pockets. It’s a way to travel further, longer, perhaps indefinitely. I have no idea. I’m making it up as I go.

I learnt that it’s possible to sleep anywhere from my Greek friends. My first encounter with concrete was at a tiny music festival in the medieval village of Aghios Lavrentios. I don’t have any photos but believe me, people camped on the church steps, on the hard stone of the plaza, and I (through lack of any other option) was among them.

I spent some days travelling Greece with two Marias, a German and a Romanian. Here was a lesson in how to sleep on a metal bench in an Amusement Park. Yes, we did get busted at 5am by a very nice man who allowed us to pack up slowly before he opened the rides. In the other photo you can see me attempting to sleep on a rocky beach front with a very small cat. This also rates as one of my best hitchhiking missions. (My next post is likely to be How to Hitchhike with Kittens.)

3 thoughts on “Where to sleep at a pinch

  1. Arriving in (then) Calcutta at 11pm with a couple of planeloads of passengers already waiting in the glacial customs and immigration queues.

    Clearing the airport well after midnight. No more buses. Sharing a taxi into the YMCA in town. It’s closed for the night. Wandering hostel to cheap hotel for nearly an hour. They’re all closed or full.

    Bedding down with three fellow backpackers on the footpath outside the YMCA. Checking into a cheap hotel the next morning. That’s when I learned about the Stoneman.


    1. Sorry that I have taken so long to get back, Cabrogal. These are unusual times with other rhythms and rhymes. The Stoneman is on every corner. Hope you’re doing well.


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